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As the owner of A-List Construction, Bo Siton runs his business with integrity and intense focus. His goal is to build the dreams of his clients and to make the process as smooth as possible. His ability to communicate with his team and to execute a plan with ease sets him apart from others.

He brings years of experience and takes on challenges wholeheartedly. One of his greatest gifts is having a deep understanding of the overall project along with the Clients’ needs so that he delivers above and beyond their expectations. One of his greatest traits is his ability to conceptualize a project from start to finish during the initial stages of construction.

Another strong attribute is his team player attitude. He has a strong sense of communication with all of his vendors, sub-contractors, engineers, designers etc. which provides for a very efficient and professional environment during construction. He also takes care of his jobsites making sure his crew is safe and that the jobsite is well maintained. Bo is always advancing his knowledge of products and materials in the industry.

In the last 12 years he had an honor of working with some of the world’s top celebrities, All-Star athletes, various entrepreneurs and business owners from around the world. His philosophy is grounded in making sure every Client is happy with the quality of his work. He takes action to create great projects and to make sure every goal is achieved.

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